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La Quinta Evening Event

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    This is an event that I recently pulled together in Palm Springs. We saved the galvanized metal floral containers to hopefully use again. It was an Asian-inspired dinner served family-style on huge lazy susans in the center of the tables. We served mini saketinis as guests arrived and entertained with a string trio that featured a mandolin.

April & Joe

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    This is the wedding of April (my best friend since the age of five) and Joe at UC Santa Cruz: - Again, by using a location that was naturally beautiful, we didn't need to utilize a lot of resources to dress the place up! - We used all local vendors and the reception food was served using organic local produce that was known to be in-season - I even used a car share service to get myself to Santa Cruz to set up and run the wedding!

Marilyn & Rob

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    This is a wedding I did last October, for Marilyn and Rob at Sutro Heights Park. We kept this event low-impact in many areas: - we used a naturally beautiful setting that did not require a lot of extra decoration - invitations were printed on recycled biodegradeable paper that was filled with wildflower seeds that guests could plant right in their own backyards - the bride's mother made her dress of natural silk fabric - the mother of the bride also made the groomsmen's shirts and ties of natural hemp fabric - the groom had his suit custom made of organic silk hemp - individually, the pieces look casual enough that he plans to get a lot of use out of them in the future - we kept traffic and parking, as well as vehicle emissions to a minimum by bussing guests from the hotel to the ceremony and from the ceremony to the reception